Trasparenze Action – Stylishly Alluring

Trasparenze Action – Stylishly Alluring     It’s been a while since we last did a hosiery review, and what better way is there to return to the scene than by picking up one of Trasparenze’s creations. Trasparenze tights are always heavy on the appealing design-elements, and they have seldom disappointed us thus far. Sure, we could’ve been a tad more adventurous in our choice of this new review, but we don’t really seem to be able to help ourselves when it comes to Trasparenze, so yes, please bear in mind while reading the review below, that we are indeed quite biased in this respect.

These pantyhose are nothing short of phenomenal: they way designers have taken a conservative, business-woman-like theme and turned it into a playful and extremely feminine design is simply amazing. These tights scream powerful, independent and confident every step of the way, yet the way their brief area is built up lends them an unexpected aura of playfulness.

The various design-details - which are indeed impressive - put aside, these pantyhose are highly practical: they seem to have reversed the traditional formula which dictates that the brief of the tights has to be made of a thicker, stronger material, while the legs are made of a more sheer, lighter-weight fabric. With Trasparenze’s action pantyhose, the briefs are sheerer, featuring various appealing design-elements, like suspenders and straps, while the leg-part features a slightly higher DEN material, with an opaque look. The whole thing is built upon the tan/black contrast that Trasparenze are always so handy with.

The composition of the material is 96% nylon and 4% Elastane, which is a fabric makeup to our liking indeed.
The bottom line: these nylons do not disappoint in any way. They appear sturdy in all the right places, and they look great! They do cost around $26 though, so they’re by no means cheap. Everything tossed into the balance however, we can whole-heartedly recommend them, because they’re simply fab!