Tamara pantyhose (Hooters pantyhose)

hooters girls in tamara pantyhose     The pantyhose worn by the Hooters girls are beyond doubt among the most popular and best known pantyhose in the world. Just about everyone who's ever set foot in a sports-bar (and even those who haven't) knows about the shiny pantyhose and the scrunchie-socks that the Hooters girls wear.

Who makes Hooters pantyhose though? A few years ago, Hooters had their girls wear Peavey Hosiery shiny pantyhose. The Peavey Hosiery pantyhose that Hooters girls wore came in footed and in footless variants. That was in the past though. These days, Hooters have shifted to Tamara hosiery on a company level, and while you may still see a Hooters girl here or there in Peavey hose until the stocks last, the future belongs to Tamara now.
Of the various pantyhose styles manufactured by Tamara, the tan shiny capri ones (footless pantyhose) are specifically what the Hooters girls wear.

tamara pantyhose These 20 DEN pantyhose are made of superior quality yarn, and unlike the phased-out Peavey hosiery tights, they do not present the tendency to run at the crotch.
The sheen may not be as blinding as it used to be (Hooters hosiery seems to have gotten a little more matte these days – but it could be only me of course), but the durability has definitely improved.
Why footless pantyhose? Simple. First of all: they're much more comfortable for the employees to wear, and their footless nature adds tons to the durability of the pantyhose. Most nylons seem to develop runs near the toenails or around the more or less hardened skin area on the heels. Hooters' new style pantyhose eliminate such issues. Employees feet don't sweat in the nylon either, as a result of which, cleaning the pantyhose becomes much easier too.
Employees of various leg-lengths may wear the same size hose basically, as they can simply let the ankle band slide higher on their lower legs to accommodate a snug fit at the crotch.
Due to these same advantages, the footless Tamara pantyhose used by the Hooters girls can also be worn for various athletic activities. If you want to purchase such pantyhose, you can pick them up at various hosiery shops, as well as online. They only cost around $5-$12, so they will definitely not put a hole in your piggy-bank.