Solidea Naomi 30 pantyhose

Solidea Naomi 30 nylons     Solidea’s Naomi 30 pantyhose are support pantyhose in the truest sense of the word. What makes them stand out in that category? The fact that they don’t trade off stylishness for functionality. They feature some impressive-looking not to mention extremely feminine French lace panties, which shape and support the bottom and the belly wonderfully.
The Solidea Naomi 30 pantyhose feature graduated compression through the legs. The pressure they exert varies between 15 and 12 mmHg, which keeps the blood flow in the legs on an optimal level thus preventing fatigue and exhaustion.
The composition of the material in the legs is 20% lycra and 78% nylon. The weight is 30 DEN, sufficient to fulfill the above said pressure requirements.
Given the stylish nature of these pantyhose, they’re perfectly suited for day wear as well as evening wear.

Solidea have truly gone out of their way when it comes to the various comfort perks built into these tights: the soles are specially designed in order to protect and pamper the feet of the wearer. The Solidea Naomi pantyhose have been subjected to an anti-microbial treatment to make sure they stay fresh all day long.
The cotton gusset – the trademark of quality pantyhose – is breathable, further enhancing comfort.
What do all these extras cost? The Solidea Naomi pantyhose are not cheap. At £16 they’re around the middle of the price-range, but the overall quality and the above described extras definitely justify the price.
The verdict? If you’re looking for stylish support nylons, you will definitely not be disappointed in these.