Sisi Fascino 20 pantyhose

sisi fascino nylon     For those looking for a truly STW (Sheer to Waist) pantyhose, with sandal toes and with shaped heels, Sisi’s Fascino 20 pantyhose might just be the right choice. These pantyhose are available in 20 DEN weight, which is pretty much your standard sheer pantyhose weight (we consider anything between 15-20 DEN to be fairly “standard”) but these same pantyhose can be purchased in 8 DEN, 15 DEN, 40 DEN and 70 DEN weights too, so the Fascino range can pretty much be considered a year-round range.

The packaging of the Sisi Fascino 20 Pantyhose is simple yet delightfully elegant and feminine. The information on the package is plentiful, and the graphics are appealing.
The tights themselves are extremely simple as far as design is concerned. There’s not a single pattern or logo embroidered into the panty area or anywhere else for that matter. The seams are flat, the toes are not reinforced and the waistband is pretty thin, which means you need to pick your size carefully, in order to avoid getting a too small pair, the finger band of which would then dig into your waist, creating an unattractive muffin-top effect.

The Sisi Fascino 20s stretch extremely well, courtesy of the 11% lycra content. The material is 89% nylon. Only when it’s stretched out on the leg does the discrete sheen of the pantyhose become obvious. As far as sheen goes, these nylons are about midway between full blown shiny and full-blown matte: a great compromise solution.
The sizing on the package is accurate. All sizes feature a hygienic cotton gusset. The largest size features a back panel design.

The bottom line: Sisi’s Fascino 20 nylons represent great quality at a reasonable cost. The only problem with them is that we’re not sure if one can buy them in the US (from an actual hosiery shop that is), but in the age of ebay, purchasing these pantyhose from a different country shouldn’t really be an issue.