Silvia Gym Pantyhose

silvia gym pantyhose     If you ever saw Mexican ladies’ wrestling, and you are somewhat interested in hosiery, I’m 100% certain you’ve noticed the extremely shiny pantyhose that the luchadoras wear for the in-ring action. I’m also certain you’ve wondered what make/type they were and whether they were available for purchase online or in a hosiery outlet near you.

Well, we’ve put in the detective work and managed to indentify the ‘magic’ tights, which – as it’s often the case – turned out to be rather down to earth, cheap even, by high-end hosiery standards. To make a long story short, the pantyhose we’re talking about are the Silvia Gym pantyhose, which are sold in Mexico (they are available online at a rather low-profile Mexican online hosiery shop), for MNX 80, which means about $6.2. How do we know that these panty hose are the Real McCoy indeed? Well, we’ve contacted several luchadoras on Facebook and asked them about it.

They are indeed not expensive by any standards, and their presentation/package doesn’t seem to justify a bigger price either.
Wearing cheap pantyhose into the ring for the rough and tumble wrestling action does make sense though, because these tights need to be easy to replace.

Just as soon as one peels away the rather lowbrow package though, the first virtue of these pantyhose becomes obvious: their 70 DEN weight and surprisingly coarse texture make them extremely sturdy. These will definitely last, even under the wear and tear that comes with various wrestling holds and throws. Their name is Silvia Gym, so I think it’s safe to assume they were especially designed for taxing physical activity.
The other obvious asset of these tights is their appearance which is amazingly shiny, almost metallic. The construction of the pantyhose leaves little to be desired too: the toes are not reinforced in any way and the pantyhose feature an STW panty-part, complete with a cotton crotch-panel. The waist-band is deep-enough to be comfortable. The whole ensemble looks like it was created specifically with luchadoras’ needs in mind.
The composition of the pantyhose is 82% nylon (hence the breath-taking sheen) and 18% lycra. I’m not sure of the exact Hg/mm value of the compression these tights exert on the wearer’s legs, but it is invigoratingly pleasant.
Its therapeutic effects are in fact advertised where sold. These pantyhose are available in black, white, tan, bronze and - in limited numbers - in light-pink and champagne as well. What you mostly see in ladies’ wrestling is tan, white and bronze obviously.

The bottom line: as far as I can tell, these pantyhose may just feature the best price/quality ratio ever, but then again, you must keep in mind I’m heavily biased towards shiny hosiery. If you ever plan to set foot in the squared circle though, you definitely can’t make a better choice.

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