Silkies Ultra Shapely Perfection pantyhose

Silkies Ultra Shapely Perfection Pantyhose     The Silkies Ultra Shapely Perfection pantyhose represent a perfect solution for those looking to dress up their legs while in the same time shaping their tummy and derriere in a pretty radical manner.
The legs of the Silkies Ultra Shapely Perfection pantyhose are of a pretty standard build: made with lower DENIER (DEN) material than the panty area, they look quite sheer. They feature a reinforced toe.
The panty area is where the magic happens. Thanks to a specially designed combination of higher and lower DEN material, the panty area exerts a powerful shaping effect on the bottom and on the tummy of the wearer. Namely, it flattens the stomach and it lifts the derriere.

The featured panty line is long, therefore the shaping effect engulfs the upper thighs as well. The panty area features a cotton gusset.

Design-wise, the Silkies Ultra Shapely Perfection tights are a little bit rough around the edges, but then again, it’s control top pantyhose we’re talking about and that not-so-delicate feel comes with the turf with such nylons. Still, the lace-like stripe on the bottom of the shaping panty-area is a nice touch which adds a sense of stylishness to the combination. Indeed, it also has a practical purpose, providing an intermediary pressure-area between the panty area and the sheer leg part.

If you’re looking for US-made pantyhose, these Silkies fit the mold, but you must know that although they are indeed made in the US, the yarns used for them are imported.
The Silkies Ultra Shapely Perfection pantyhose are available in a wide range of colors: black, white, mocha, off-black, taupe, beige, nude, and navy blue.
The size-range that these pantyhose span is a rather impressive one as well. These nylons are available in plus sizes too, after all, that’s where the shaping effect that they provide is most often needed the most.
One can pick up a pair of these pantyhose for about $13.