Red or Dead Pammy pantyhose

Red or Dead Pammy pantyhose     Red or Dead’s Pammy pantyhose feature a nice floral pattern which creates a great vintage look on a night out and it works with a casual look as well.
The packaging of the pantyhose is a little off the mainstream, just like the tights themselves. Once the pantyhose are out of the package, it becomes obvious that the legs are unshaped and even though one would guess the toes are fully re-enforced, they’re actually sandal toes. The gusset is lined and the flower patterns only reach up about midway up the thigh. The first overall impression isn’t bad, but one can’t seem to shake the feeling that she’s dealing with cheap pantyhose.

Once on the leg, that impression is reinforced. The material isn’t even enough and that kind of messes up the pattern which is otherwise excellent. The patterns start at the heels and they run up the outside of each leg. The material features a 30 DEN weight (there’s no information on the package regarding that though so it may not be accurate), and about 20% lycra.
The panty area is STW (Sheer to waist) and the seams are flat which is always a welcome feature to discover.
The Red or Dead Pammy pantyhose are available in 3 colors: lilac, brown and black. The sizing on the package is quite accurate. The pantyhose are made in Italy.
The price of these tights (around £8) is a little steep when one considers their relatively un-chiseled feel, despite the awesome pattern and overall design.

Bottom line: one can’t help but feel like corners have been cut in regards to quality with these nylons.