Pretty Polly Pretty Twirly Pantyhose

Pretty Polly Pretty Twirly pantyhose     In Pretty Polly's Pretty Twirly pantyhose, fashion meets art. That's a little bit of a bold statement to start the review with, but we're confident that these pantyhose will fully back it up all through. Some pantyhose designs are just too hot, and the Pretty Twirly pantyhose are a great example in this respect. These tights are from PP's own range, so make no mistake: they're not House of Holland pantyhose.

The graphics on the package are glamorous and spectacular, indeed a worthy herald of the greatness within. Once you rip open the package though (getting rid of the label which contains instructions on how to put the pantyhose on), that's where the true magic begins. The base material of the Pretty Twirly pantyhose is of a 20 DEN weight, while the plain panty is 40 DEN and opaque enough to allow the wearing of these pantyhose without additional underwear (that is not to say we do indeed recommend you wear them that way). The 20 DEN legs are slightly shiny (just enough to pass our "shine-o-meter", and just enough to make your legs look fabulous), and due to their high-quality, even finish, they appear to be 15 DEN. The panty area is OK but it's not exactly spectacular. The pantyhose feature a cotton gusset and the toes are slightly reinforced to prevent runs.

The back seam of the pantyhose has got to be the most spectacular back seam we've ever laid out eyes on. It's in the shape of a ribbon which runs up on the back of the wearer's leg in a wavy pattern, to end up in a bow finish right under the buttocks. The flow and the gentle lines of this ribbon will add miles to the perceived length of the wearer's legs. That is one back seam that will attract gazes of males and females alike like a magnet.

We would say that the one problem plaguing most of Pretty Polly's products, the one universal size, is present in this instance as well, but given the fact that this universal size is said to accommodate a 42" hip and a 5'10 height, and that it features more than enough stretch to handily beat those numbers, we'll just have to let that go: there's absolutely nothing bad we can say about these nylons.
That brings us to the price, which is a little steep, but not as steep as some of the other House of Holland creations and the quality of the product pretty much fully justifies it anyway…

Pretty Polly Ribbon Backseam Tights - $25.00

Retail Price: $35.00
You Save: $10.00