Pretty Polly Pretty Sparkly pantyhose

Pretty Polly Pretty Sparkly Pantyhose     If you’re looking for thick, high DEN pantyhose from Pretty Polly, which look stylish enough to still beautify your legs, the Pretty Sparkly Pantyhose may be the answer for you.
These tights look awesome on the model’s legs on the packaging, and there are no reasons why they shouldn’t look as good on you…or maybe there are a couple. The dominant design element on the Pretty Polly Pretty Sparkly pantyhose is the diamond studs that are clipped onto the fabric, which give the impression of having had diamond dust sprinkled on your legs. These babies steal the show, and it’s obvious from the get-go that this is what’s supposed to justify the relatively high price of these nylons.

The diamond studs taken out of the picture, these are unfortunately some pretty dull and not overly impressive pantyhose. The material features a 60 DEN weight, with 94% nylon and 6% lycra. There’s no cotton and that’s because there is no cotton gusset (I know…). The material itself feels nice and smooth and it’s semi-glossy, which means it does look good on the legs, but that is pretty much where the plusses stop.

The legs of the pantyhose are not shaped, the toes are visibly re-enforced and the panty area is quite clearly delimited from the legs, thanks to a different weave pattern which means that a skirt which is too short will shamelessly leave this area exposed, and that’s really not the kind of look you should be going for.
The size of these pantyhose is ‘one size fits all’. They do feature quite generous stretch, so they will indeed fit everyone up to 5’10”, which should be ok. When stretched out, the material is quite uniform, except for the area where the diamond studs are, which mess the picture up a little.

The bottom line: the Pretty Sparkly pantyhose are a bit overpriced for the quality they bring to the table. The diamond studs do indeed represent a nice touch, and the overall quality of the material is decent too. Other than that, not much good can be said about them though.

Pretty Polly Embellished Tights - $25.00

Retail Price: $35.00
You Save: $10.00