Pretty Polly Black Superstar Pantyhose

Pretty Polly Black Superstar pantyhose     If you love your black pantyhose with intricate, daring, sexy and flattering patterns, Pretty Polly's Black Superstar pantyhose are for you. As far as we here at are concerned, there are few things more appealing and better looking on the legs then black patterned pantyhose, which – to top it all off – are shiny as well. Well, the PP House of Holland Superstar pantyhose are all that, plus a bag of chips.

The tights feature a pattern which consists of opaque stars spangled all over the legs and even the panty area of the nylons (they are otherwise sheer to the waist). The sheer material between the star patterns is shiny, which makes for a great contrast. The seams used in the pantyhose are flat and generally speaking there's a "quality" feeling about the whole thing. These pantyhose can be worn with just about anything, but the panty area looks so great it'd just be a shame not to show it off somehow. Since the only way to decently do that would be by wearing the tights with leotards, that's what we'd recommend.
The material of the Pretty Polly House of Holland Superstar pantyhose is made with 82% nylon and 18% lycra.
These are by no means cheap pantyhose, but at the end of the day, one gets what one pays for, and what one gets in this case is stunningly beautiful hosiery of an exquisite quality and design.
As far as sizing goes, you can't go wrong with these pantyhose: they're only made in one size which – if you aren't freakishly tall, should fit you just fine. Officially, these hose fit ladies up to 5'10 tall, but they probably stretch to fit up to 6'.

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