Pretty Polly Tum and Bum Shaper

Pretty Polly Tum and Bum Shaper     While God knows I’m not really in need of any urgent tum and bum shaping, I’ve always had a thing for hosiery that enhances the curves and offers a sort of sensual comfort that regular tights cannot produce. In this respect, my decision to pick up a pair of Pretty Polly Tum and Bum Shaper pantyhose turned out to be an inspired one. Pretty Polly generally make great hosiery and they have a sort of youthful energy to their designs which doesn’t fail in this instance either. Indeed, these tum and bum shapers seem to be addressed to the party crowd and not to those looking to keep things together for a formal business meeting or a dinner out – although they’re probably just as great in those roles.

Now then, the pair that I got is black, which makes it the equivalent of the little black dress in terms of how it matches up with various other wardrobe elements: these tights go well with everything. They’re simple. They’re not too shiny but they’re not entirely matte either, and their 15 DEN structure is something I’ve always found “just right” in hosiery. I won’t complain about the 82% nylon content of the fiber either: the pantyhose do indeed feel wonderfully nylony on the legs. 17% elastane in the fiber composition takes care of the proper fit, and the cotton gusset is proof that one is indeed dealing with a pair of quality tights here. That much is obvious though as soon as you get your hands on the tights which feature superb box-art.
The core element which makes these tights unique is the reinforced panty area though, which is responsible for the shaping/rounding effect and which doesn’t just work like a charm, it also feels wonderful and it looks great too (these tights are also available in tan, and I’m not really sure they look that great in that color too). The control top is in turn topped off by a 3D waistband, which is responsible for the tummy-lifting effect.
While – as said above – the whole shaping effect exerted by these pantyhose feels great, it needs to be said that it does have a tendency of “wearing out the wearer” over longer periods.

The bottom line: as far as I’m concerned, the ~$20 I spent on these nylons was money well spent. I loved everything about them, as my lofty initial expectations were fully answered in every way.