Pretty Polly Pretty Striking Tights Pantyhose

Pretty Polly Pretty Striking Pantyhose     Wearing massively laddered tights has been quite trendy lately. One can just take an ordinary pair of pantyhose and put massive ladders in them in order to achieve the look, but of course, there are several problems with that approach. First of all, one will essentially ruin a perfectly good pair of pantyhose. In addition to that, runs tend to spread and get much worse, which means that getting more than a couple of wears out of such home-made laddered pantyhose is borderline impossible. Those interested in the look have another – much better – option now: Pretty Polly’s Pretty Striking tights.

These pantyhose come pre-laddered, and no, they’re not just imitating the look, the runs in them are indeed genuine, but thanks to the special production techniques employed they do not spread and do not ruin the tights. One can essentially get as many wears out of these pantyhose as from any other types of tights. While we here at aren’t exactly fans of the laddered style, we can certainly appreciate this extremely daring and quite unique design. The problem with these pantyhose is that they tend to look quite trashy on everyone who does not have supermodel legs and body. They may work for some women with some outfits, but they’re certainly not right for every occasion and they definitely do not scream elegance and opulence. Young girls looking for that distinctively emo look though will probably love them. These tights are not much to look at fresh out of the package, once on the legs though, they achieve what they’re supposed to. They’re only available in one size and they only come in black, which just comes to underline the fact that they are indeed not for the everyday hosiery wearer. The makeup of the material is 93% nylon and 6% lycra. The 1% cotton goes into the cotton gusset. The bottom line: Pretty Polly’s Pretty Striking pantyhose are quite probably dedicated to a rather restricted group of potential wearers. The look is quite unique indeed and at ~€12, the cost is a pretty decent one.