Pretty Polly Pretty Dotty Lace Dot Pantyhose

Pretty Polly Pretty Dotty Lace Dot Pantyhose     We here at have a thing for dot patterns: they're so feminine and so striking when the right contrast is present on the legs that their visual appeal is difficult to replicate any other way.
Nothing says superb dot design tights better than Pretty Polly's Pretty Dotty Lace Dot Pantyhose. These relatively recent Pretty Polly creations take the polka-dot pantyhose design to an entirely new level.

The base part of the pantyhose is matte, 15 DEN nylon/lycra, which is obviously pretty sheer. The dots are made of higher DEN material and they feature a lace design to place the cherry on top of the cake.
The dots are perfectly sized to create the best possible visual effect. To add to the visual spectacle of these pantyhose, the panty area is a V-shaped lace creation, with a cotton gusset for comfort. There's one problem with pantyhose that feature briefs as pretty as these: the wearer will never get to show them off in their full splendor.

The makeup of the fiber is 92% nylon (which creates an extremely silky feel on the legs) and 7% lycra. There's a 1% cotton component in these tights too, but that only affects the crotch panel basically.
The waistband of the Pretty Polly Pretty Dotty Lace Dot Pantyhose is about 3 cm deep, wide-enough to provide comfortable fit, not cutting into the wearer's waist.

The bottom line: these pantyhose do cost $25, but they definitely stand out even from among other similarly sized polka-dot designs on account of the flowery lace pattern on the dots. They are glamorous, quite outstanding and eye-catching. Well worth the seemingly steep cost in the humble opinion of this reviewer.