Pretty Polly Playful Ribbons Pantyhose

pretty polly playful ribbons pantyhose     These pantyhose are pretty unique indeed. They actually take the idea that legs for pantyhose-designers are some sort of canvas for artistic creation, and they hand the paintbrush over to the wearer. Those who pick up these pantyhose (they cost €13.20 which is approximately $17) will be able to create several different looks for themselves.

The pantyhose feature a unique back-seam with holes through which the shiny ribbons (which come separately) can be threaded and wrapped around the leg in a variety of different styles. Purchasing these tights is therefore the equivalent of purchasing 4-5 pairs of different fashion pantyhose.
Those hoping to get several pairs in different colors, so that they can then use different color ribbons on different tights to further diversify the available options, will be disappointed to learn that Pretty Polly’s Playful Ribbons pantyhose only come in black.

The material of the actual tights is 81% nylon and 18% lycra, as the remaining 1% is the cotton which goes into the gusset. Given their high nylon-content, it is a tad disappointing that the tights are actually quite matte on the legs. The ribbons on the other hand are extremely shiny satin ones, which does create nice separation and contrast between the base and the pattern created with the ribbons.
Durability and fit aren’t a problem: these are after all Pretty Polly tights.

The bottom line: a bit quirky, and extremely stylish, these pantyhose are a pleasure to wear. They will definitely bring out the hosiery fashion-designer in wearers.