Pretty Polly Lace Secret Slimmer Pantyhose

Pretty Polly Lace Secret Slimmer tight     You know how control top pantyhose always tend to come in extremely simple designs and feature blocky and coarse workmanship? Pretty Polly's Lace Secret Slimmer pantyhose are an exception in this respect. They feature a control top as well as a beautiful lace pattern all the way down the legs, once and for all proving that those of us who need/prefer control top pantyhose to shape our bottoms and tummies, deserve to be able to beautify our legs just like everyone else.
Other than the relatively unusual combination of control top and lace pattern, Pretty Polly's Lace Secret Slimmer Pantyhose are a classic package of hosiery features. They feature reinforced toes and a cotton gusset for comfort. They only come in black, which is a bit of a disappointment as pantyhose such as these would look great in tan/brown as well as in white.
The composition of the material is 86% nylon and 13% lycra. The remaining 1% is the cotton which goes into the gusset.

We here at prefer shiny pantyhose but when it comes to lace designs, we do not count a matte finish as a capital sin. Indeed, lace pantyhose are among the few which can pull off the matte look without any kind of problems – as far as we're concerned of course- and Pretty Polly's Lace Secret Slimmers do a great job at it.
The bottom line: Pretty Polly's Lace Secret Slimmer pantyhose offer an outstanding price to quality ratio. They only cost about $15 and they "bring it" when it comes to design and quality.