Pretty Polly Curves Dot Diamond Pantyhose

pretty polly curves dot diamond pantyhose     Pretty Polly’s Curves Dot Diamond pantyhose are superb fashion tights made especially for bigger girls, or as PP puts it, ‘for women with curves’. While finding proper fashion hosiery in bigger sizes can indeed be a challenge, these pantyhose are all about glamour. The legs feature a 30 DEN structure which offers plenty of support for that much-hailed slimming effect. The composition of the fabric is 92% nylon and 8% lycra. The finish of the leg-area is matte. The panty area is boxer-style, offering extra support and it comes with a gusset and a comfort back panel, which means that these pantyhose can accommodate hips of up to 60".

The toes are reinforced. Pretty Polly’s Curves Dot Diamond pantyhose are only available in black. The appeal of these pantyhose lies in the dot diamond pattern which covers the entire leg area and which consists of small holes which let a little bit of skin shine through.

The look is conservative enough for work, but it also a nice fit for a night out. For about $16, these pantyhose do indeed eliminate every excuse curvy women may come up with for not wearing pantyhose.