Pretty Polly Banded Lace Design Pantyhose

Pretty Polly Banded Lace Design tight     One has got to hand it to Pretty Polly: they know how to design their packages. As far as we here at are concerned, package design-wise Pretty Polly are quite probably THE best. Creating outstanding packages comes with a potential pitfall though: it's easy for the product inside not to live up to the hype created by the package.
What we can definitely say about the Pretty Polly Banded Lace Design Pantyhose is that they do actually live up to the picture on the package and more.
These are control top lace design pantyhose too, which is an excellent combination. Yes there are women out there who – for one reason or another – prefer control tops. Do they not deserve to have their legs pampered the save way STW wearers do? Of course they do and this is exactly what these nylons achieve.

They come with a reinforced toe and a cotton gusset and a design so beautiful it'll blow your mind away.
The design is made up of two alternating patterns which run from the reinforced to all the way to the bottom of the panty area. The reinforced toes are meant to offer some anti-run protection for the delicate lace material. The finger band atop the boxer-style panty is about an inch deep and it doesn't cut into the wearer's waist.

Like the other classic control top lace pantyhose from Pretty Polly, these pantyhose come in black only too.
The makeup of the fabric is 78% nylon and 21% lycra. The cotton in the crotch panel makes up 1% of the composition.
The bottom line: if you're a lace design fan, these pantyhose are an absolute must for your wardrobe. The quality is outstanding and the price is reasonable as well. Durability is great too. These pantyhose are pretty…enchanting indeed.