Platino Cleancut Knee High Socks

Platino Cleancut Knee High Socks     We here at usually only review pantyhose, or tights. In a word: nylons of the waist-to-toe variety. Platino's Cleancut knee high socks are obviously an exception in this sense, but they're an exception we do not regret we have made. We appreciate some of the knee-high nylons, as we like to wear them with leggings, making it seem like we are wearing actual pantyhose under the non-opaque workout wear, without the inconveniences associated with such a setup. In this regard, Platino's Cleancut knee high socks are absolutely perfect. We'd like to put it forth though that we have found these nylons to be perfect from just about every other angle as well.

They feature a 15 DEN weight, and they look and feel exactly like Platino's popular Cleancut pantyhose. The ones we reviewed were sent to us by Platino for this express purpose, and they were of a color called "Hawaii", a sort of dark-toast complexion, which is especially appealing with the trademark sheen of this line. These knee highs do not feature any sort of seams anywhere, with the exception of the tip of the toe, where there is indeed a barely noticeable flat seam. The package in which they come is essentially a sort of small cardboard belt, which holds two pairs (a total of 4) such socks.

The actual top of the knee-highs is where the impact of the advanced technology obviously used in manufacturing, is obvious. There is no reinforces band there, yet once on the legs, the socks stay put where they're supposed to be, without cutting into the calf of the wearer. Vaguely, there seems to be a sort of difference in the fabric of the nylons at the top, but it is in essence the same high-gloss 15 DEN material. The toe area was obviously designed to be worn with sandals. One word of caution regarding the wearing of these nylons inside the house: on smooth flooring, they are extremely slippery, a lot more slippery than other types of nylons, so you may not want to wear them inside without slippers. We haven't worn these socks long enough to be able to provide any sort of feedback regarding their durability, but the maker says they are highly resistant. We fully intend to put this feature to the test.

Platino Cleancut Knee High Socks opened The makeup of the fiber is 60% nylon and 40% lycra. The Platino Cleancut knee high socks come in two sizes: M-II, which means a length of 34-36 cm, and G-III, which translates to a length of 37-40 cm.

The appearance of these socks is very shiny. They do after all belong to the maker's Cleancut line, which is known for this feature. The attached photos do not do it justice, and neither does the picture on the package. They look sensational.

The price-quality ratio is superb as far as we're concerned, especially considering that there are two pairs of them included in every package. As said above, these are hands-down the best knee-high nylons we have ever had the pleasure of reviewing.