Platino Cleancut 15 Pantyhose

Platino Cleancut 15 Pantyhose     There’s something about 15 DEN pantyhose which always seems to provide an excellent wearing experience. As far as we are concerned, 15 is the magic number DEN-wise, because we feel that pantyhose featuring that fiber weight feel like true hosiery indeed. Anything above that becomes thick (above 20 DEN anyway) and anything below that works its way into the land of sheer extreme. We here at are great fans of sheer shiny hosiery, and the 15 DEN mark is indeed our favorite point of the DEN-scale. 15 DEN pantyhose are not too sheer, yet they’re sheer enough to provide some support and that all-wonderful classic nylon hosiery feel and look. What our preference for such hosiery means is that we find it quite difficult to stay objective when judging and evaluating such nylons, but we also tend to be much more nit-picking in our reviews.
Platino’s Cleancut 15 take the concept of sheer shine to an entire new level, quite possibly ringing in an entire new technological era for such hosiery. We absolutely LOVE these pantyhose and now fully understand why they’re the best sellers of most online hosiery shops. We also hereby proclaim them the best shiny 15 DEN sheers we have ever had the pleasure of reviewing.

The secret is in the actual concept and design too of course, but most of the credit for the way these tights look and feel should definitely go to the fiber used in its construction which is coated in micro silicone and which therefore offers the material not only outstanding sheen, but also an extremely sensual slipperiness we absolutely appreciated about them. Sliding these pantyhose up your legs is an experience which alone seems to be worth the purchase cost. One could swear she’s dealing with 100% nylon pantyhose, but in reality, there’s a 35% lycra content in the fiber to lend the tights an awesome fit.

The cherry on top of the cake is obviously the waistband, which is almost invisible – having been made with Platino’s laser-cut technology – and which is just as shiny and slippery-glass-like like the rest of the pantyhose. There is no fold-over, nor any stitching in the waistband. These are pretty much the very first pair of what one could call I-top pantyhose we have ever laid eyes on let alone try on. The only slightly reinforced area of the panty is a thin band going up from the crotch up the rear as well as the front all the way to the waistband.

The special yarns these tights are made from don’t just confer it an incredible look and feel. Apparently, the material is also extremely durable and the small holes which tend to develop in it over prolonged wear and tear do not develop into runs.
To top everything off, Platino’s Cleancut 15s are available in a massive range of colors and shades, from Negro to Silver and Paradis. They feature a cotton gusset and sandal toes and they cover sizes 1-5. Size 5 comes with a comfort back-panel.
Made in Spain, these pantyhose cost around $14 and they’re well worth every penny of it.

Don’t miss the beginnings of a new hosiery revolution! Buy a pair of these pantyhose and be among the first to learn to appreciate the technological cutting-edge of the hosiery industry.