Pierre Mantoux Lorine Pantyhose

pierre mantoux lorine pantyhose     If you're looking for high-end, top class, posh (enter some other such lofty epithets of your choice here) hosiery, look no further. Pierre Mantoux's Lorine pantyhose are not only impressive cost-wise (and they certainly are in that respect too), they do indeed represent an excellent example of "you get what you pay for". The pantyhose only seem to be available in black, but that's not likely to be a problem: if they were available in others colors, we'd still prefer them in black. That is not to say we only really appreciate black hosiery, but for such lace patterned tights, it is our modest opinion that black is ideal.

The Pierre Mantoux Lorine pantyhose feature shaped heels and a breath-taking peacock-patterned mock-garter design. Durability-vise, the patterned areas of the nylons are quite probably much stronger than the sheer 15 DEN area which has the suspenders straps connecting the legs to the panty part. They certainly feel like they can handle a lot more than regular sheer pantyhose, but be careful about getting rough with these tights: the 15 DEN area is just as susceptible to runs as anything else you'll find out there in this degree of sheerness.

The panty area isn't particularly impressive. It is made of 50 DEN material, and it mimics high-cut panties. The waistband falls right into line with this simplistic approach. The fit of the panty as well as the legs is excellent, just make sure you pick the right size. These pantyhose are made in Italy, and finding the right European size may prove to be a challenge for those interested in picking them up.
The Lorine pantyhose are made of a material which is 86% nylon and 14% lycra. The crotch of the panty area is lined.

A fine example of Italian hosiery, the Pierre Mantoux Lorine pantyhose deliver all the visual perks of stockings without sacrificing any of the benefits of waist to toe nylons.