Pierre Cardin's Summerlight 8 Pantyhose

    With summer right around the corner, you should definitely pull those Pierre Cardin Summerlight 8 Pantyhose from your drawer and put them on if you do in fact possess such tights. If not, then head on down to the store and pick up a pair: you will not be disappointed in them. The Summerlight 8 are the definition of summer hosiery: the '8' in the name is a reference to the weight of the material used which is 8 DEN: extremely light and sheer, true 'barely there' hosiery. That barely there effect is further accentuated by the other features of the panty hose: the flat seams, the sandal toes and the sheer to waist structure.
The makeup of the material is 84% nylon, 15% lycra and 2% cotton. The cotton is in the lining of the gusset.
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The panty part is excellent, comfortable yet still classy and if your legs happen to be longer than average, these pantyhose will still fit nicely. Their sizing is a little bit off: they tend to run a tad smaller than the sizing chart may suggest, but the extra length in the legs may well make up for that shortcoming.
The waist band on the Pierre Cardin Summerlight 8 nylons is a great feature. It is wide enough to keep from rolling down and on each hip there's nice logo.
If you're looking for shiny pantyhose these are not it. Because of the matte finish, provided you pick a shade which matches you skin-complexion, chances are people won't even notice you have pantyhose on…