Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40 Pantyhose

Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40 Pantyhose     In the wintertime, high DEN hosiery is always in order. There are a few pantyhose out there however which will not require the wearer to trade in looks for comfort. Well, Pierre Mantoux’s Setificato 40 pantyhose are in fact such pantyhose. Their 40 DEN structure hides a highly glossy texture with yarn which offers 3-D sheen. These pantyhose are supposedly the end result of years and years of research and refinement on the part of the makers. The truth is that while they do indeed look good and extremely attractive in the attached picture, no still picture seems to do them justice when it comes to depicting the honey-dipped curvaceous look that they generate despite their fiber heaviness.
Obviously, like any piece of quality hosiery, Pierre Mantoux’s Setificato 40 feature flat seems, a cotton gusset, and a nice, comfortable, deep waistband which is adorned with the brand logo.

The toes are bare and the panty part is of the sheer to waist variety. Fresh out of the package, these tights may look a little bit coarse and rough around the edges, but believe us, once you try them on, those first impressions are instantly overruled. The material features a 91% nylon content, with 9% lycra added for stretch. They come in three basic colors of which one is black and another one is a grayish shade. Shiny hosiery generally doesn't particularly live up to its full potential in black, therefore we have to recommend you the Perla version or the Jasmine one. Jasmine is the most skin-like color available, and our test pair was a Jasmine one as well.

The bottom line: these pantyhose will look good with just about everything you decide to pair them with. Their gloss is second to none and, the smoothness of their texture is quite unparalleled as well. One note regarding sizing: you may want to pick up a bigger size than you usually do, as sizing tends to be a bit off on these tights.