Pierre Mantoux Raye Pantyhose

Pierre Mantoux Raye Pantyhose     Vertical-stripe pantyhose definitely have huge appeal for women looking to make their legs appear longer in a stylish and fashionably feminine way. Stripe patterns on the legs are always easy on the eyes and in the case of these tights, that is indeed doubly-true. The Raye pantyhose are quite possibly the best vertical stripe pantyhose we have even laid our eyes/hands on. Pierre Mantoux’s designers have really hit the nail on the head with this one, and that – considering the history of the brand and the experience we have personally had with it this far – isn’t surprising us in the least bit.

The material which represents the canvas for this simple yet appealing design is perfect: the 15 DEN weight seems to carry some sort of magical perfection with it, and the 94% nylon/6% lycra composition has just become our favorite sort of make-up for hosiery. With the exception of the vertical stripe patterns, (which start at the toes and go all the way up where a re-enforced panty area would start on a pair of control-top tights) these nylons are all-sheer and wonderfully “glassy” on the legs – though not too shiny. That means sheer toes and a sheer to waist panty finish too, although visually, the top of the patterns seem to define a panty-area. The seams are all flat, and the fit is simply outstanding once one slips all the way into these superb tights.
The drawback of the 15-DEN weight is that – although the resulting material is second to none both from the point of view of support and sheerness – the pantyhose are a little bit prone to laddering.

Available only in a tan/black scheme, these pantyhose cost some $36, so they’re not exactly cheap, but they’re not particularly expensive either. At the end of the day, the price/quality ratio they deliver is quite superb considering all the plusses described above.

The verdict: these tights are superb to look at, but they’re even more impressive once you slip them on. Great design, superb style and we LOVE the material. A genuine Pierre Mantoux course on how simplicity and style compliment each-other in all sorts of subtle and obvious ways.