Pierre Mantoux Mary Pantyhose

Pierre Mantoux Mary Pantyhose     We here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com are crazy about polka-dot hosiery, simply because the pattern – if done right – captures the very essence of stylish feminine elegance. Over the years, we’ve assessed, worn and reviewed several polka-dot tights from various hosiery brands, and we’ve come to the conclusion that the polka-dot design either makes for superb tights – in case it’s done right – or for rather mellow fiascos that we would frankly not recommend to anyone.
The bottom line about the Pierre Mantoux Mary fashion pantyhose is that it is polka dot design done right indeed. The size of the dots is just right, so is their spacing and the overall look they generate on the legs. These pantyhose could in fact be considered reference material by all hosiery designers looking to venture into polka-dot territory.

The other interesting thing about these pantyhose is that they’re part of a Pierre Mantoux collection which stands out through its eccentricity and innovative nature, yet they’re extremely conservative and stylishly classic.

Another thing that makes these tights sure winners in our book is their 15 DEN weight, which is just right for the look these pantyhose are all about in the first place. The classic, conservative nature of the design means that these nylons can be worn to formal events as well as to a fun night out: their versatility turns them into a wonderful accessory with a chameleon-like complexion: they readily adapt to the dress they’re worn with.

Needless to say, the overall quality of these pantyhose is simply amazing and that becomes obvious from the moment one removes them from the package and runs her hands through them. The way they stretch out on the legs is flawless. Their 88% nylon and 12% lycra composition lends them a wonderful "nylony" feel, which indeed envelops the entire lower body of the wearer into a silken sheath that feels just as great as it looks.
We don’t know whether these pantyhose are available in colors other than black, but the black version is what we suspect would be the best-looking one anyway.

The bottom line: at nearly $30 a pair, these pantyhose don’t come cheap, but given that they do indeed deliver the ultimate hosiery experience, we’ll have to say that price is in fact a rather reasonable one.