Pierre Mantoux Isabel Pantyhose

pierre mantoux isabel pantyhose     These pantyhose are simply breath-taking. Although they’re a bit off the beaten path both price and design-wise, they are simply great: we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com loved them. The truth is that these pantyhose surprised our reviewers: they have several features that we don’t particularly appreciate, but in this case, we had to make an exception in weighing them. First off, we don’t really fall for high DEN pantyhose and these here feature a 50 DEN weight. Secondly, we aren’t particularly fond of matte tights, and the base texture/tint of these is a rather matte one indeed. The polka-dot pattern is something from an age long gone too, but in this case it works to perfection.
What exactly is the factor that makes all these elements blend together in a symphony of hosiery creation in Pierre Mantoux’s Isabel panty hose? It must be the actual sizing and spacing of the dots pattern.

The pattern is quite fabulous indeed. Its timeless nature and its simple sophistication make it suitable for just about every occasion.
Structurally, the Pierre Mantoux Isabel pantyhose are worthy representatives of the high-end hosiery industry. These nylons are made with the finest materials and with the most up-to-date techniques. The composition of the material is 90% nylon and 10% lycra, which is a combination we love because it usually means sheen, but – as said above – not in this case.
The STW panty area makes these suitable for wearing with leotards too. Once on the legs, the feeling of silky compression/support is simply breath-taking. The actual fit is excellent too.
The Pierre Mantoux Isabel pantyhose are only available in black on black.

The bottom line: everything considered, these may well turn out to be the best polka-dot pantyhose available anywhere. Their price is a true reflection of the quality they incorporate: they cost €30.69, which is $39.5 and that is obviously not cheap, but these pantyhose aren’t "cheap" in any way, so the cost seems well-justified.