Pierre Mantoux Flou 5 Pantyhose

Pierre Mantoux Flou 5 Pantyhose     If you’re looking for high quality ultra-sheers, with high nylon content, the Pierre Mantoux Flou 5 are the obvious answer. As a matter of fact, to call these pantyhose simply "high quality" is probably an understatement. They are absolutely superb, from waistband to toe, offering a truly outstanding pantyhose wearing experience to anyone who puts them on.

The 5 DEN weight coupled with the overall matte appearance of the fabric means that these pantyhose are meant to be invisible on the legs. They do indeed acquit themselves of that task wonderfully: the nude ones are barely noticeable and the toes which seem sheer but are in fact invisibly reinforced help a great deal in this respect. If you happen to want these tights to be noticeable on your legs, you will have to pick a darker color. They’re available in Nero (black), Blu (Royal blue), Muscade, Caresse, Nudo and Avorio (which is a kind of nude rather close to white). The nylon content in these tights is a respectable 91% and the 9% lycra fiber is of the double-coated variety.

The packaging of these pantyhose already screams quality and indeed, there aren’t any disappointments when one finally gets her hands on them fresh out of the package. They look and feel awesome off the legs, but they only truly work their magic once they’re stretched out on the legs. The 5 DEN material is surprisingly sturdy and the panty area, together with the waistband is a story of its own. The panty area features a really subtle T-top style, and the waistband is deep, soft, and has a shiny-silvery look to it. The Pierre Mantoux logo on it is a bit like the cherry on top of the cake.
The feature that we really appreciated in these tights however was the gusset, which is cotton-free (made of the same material as the rest of the tights). A while ago we had a question in our forum regarding the availability of pantyhose with regular nylon gussets: well, these tights are like that.

The bottom line: at about $26, these pantyhose are the definition of ultra sheer elegance and quality. Well worth the money indeed. Just a word of caution as far as sizing goes: be generous on it. Don’t be afraid to move one size up on your regular size with these.