Pierre Mantoux Flou 15 Pantyhose

Pierre Mantoux Flou 15 Pantyhose     There’s something about 15 DEN pantyhose which always seems to provide an excellent wearing experience. As far as we are concerned, 15 is the magic number DEN-wise, because we feel that pantyhose featuring that fiber weight feel like true hosiery indeed. Anything above that becomes thick (above 20 DEN anyway) and anything below that works its way into the land of sheer extreme.

15 DEN is a good standard, typical weight and Pierre Mantoux’s Flou 15 are indeed as typical and as average when it comes to the hosiery experience, as it gets. Don’t get us wrong, these pantyhose are of an exquisite quality and there are superb detail-touches on them which make sure the wearer knows what she’s pulling over her lower body, but they ride the 15 DEN train outstandingly well indeed.

As soon as one gets them out of the package, it becomes obvious that this is high-end hosiery indeed. The composition of the fiber is 92% nylon and 8% lycra and therefore the touch is that of a pair of ultra-sheers. One may as well say that these pantyhose feel and act like extremely durable 10 DEN ones.
Once on the legs, the material spreads out in a perfectly even manner, clinging to the skin and immediately taking up second-skin like properties. Even though the feel and look of the Pierre Mantoux Flou 15 on the legs is indeed impeccable, there’s not much more to be said about that. What we absolutely loved about these tights was the design of the panty area. While these tights are supposed to be STW (Sheer to Waist) ones, they do have a T-top panty which we absolutely love. Add to that a Pierre Mantoux logo on the comfortably deep waist-band and you have a sure winner.

The only regret we were left with in regards to these pantyhose was the fact that one would never be able to show off the panty area under any circumstances.
At around $27, these pantyhose aren’t cheap at all, but if you pick them up, they may well turn out to be the best 15 DEN pair of hosiery you’ve ever owned.