Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Pantyhose

Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Pantyhose     Sheer pantyhose lovers (like us) will love these pantyhose. If you’re looking for THE BEST ultra-sheers anywhere, you may want to take a look at the Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 for several reasons. Before we delve into a deeper analysis though, let’s just dissect the name of these tights: Pierre Mantoux, obviously the brand name, which is pretty much synonymous with high quality and high-end hosiery, doesn’t disappoint this time either, once again proving that all those superlatives I’ve piled on it above are indeed fully deserved. Douceur – is French for sweet and gentle, which is exactly what these pantyhose aim to be. The 8 in the name refers to the 8 DEN weight of the yarn used for these tights, which does indeed make them ultra-sheers (as far as we’re concerned, everything with a lower DEN number than 15 qualifies as ultra-sheer).

The Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 aren’t particularly flashy. It’s obvious that these pantyhose were designed to become the crown jewel of the basic sheer line of the brand. They feature a deep waistband without any kind of adornment and a STW (T-top) panty which is all about securing a perfect fit.
One needs to be extremely careful with these tights when freshly removing them from the package, because on account of the extremely fine fiber used in them, they tend to snag easily. Getting caught on the coarse edge of a fingernail at this stage usually means the end of them, so the use of hosiery gloves is highly recommended.
The impression they offer fresh out of the package is definitely a positive one, however they only show their true value when stretched out on the leg. Their sizing spot on, these pantyhose fit wonderfully and once they do indeed slide into place, they pretty much become one with the wearer’s legs. As far as sizing goes, they’re available from Small to Large. The makeup of the fiber is 84% nylon/16% lycra. They come in no fewer than 5 colors: Nero, Ferro, Blu, Ambra and Naturale.

The bottom line: as far as ultra sheers go, these pantyhose are definitely among the best of the best. They cost €11.01, which we consider a decent price for the quality and general feel they deliver.