Pierre Mantoux Dentelle Leggings

Pierre Mantoux Dentelle Leggings     We are obviously a hosiery-focused operation and within that vert, we tend to pay the most attention to pantyhose, but those who know us, know that we have an extreme appreciation for beautiful and stylish leggings as well, and Pierre Mantoux’s Dentelle leggings do indeed perfectly fit that description.
With winter upon us, it is perfectly natural too to take a look at some of the hosiery items that offer better protection against the cold, while keeping ladies’ legs looking as good – if not better – than during other seasons.
The first thing that strikes one in regards to these leggings is their exquisite design. The second thing – once one gets past the look – is their price, which is rather steep unfortunately, but which reflects the value and the amount of creative work that these leggings entail quite accurately.

Featuring a 100 DEN weight and a 93% nylon/7% lycra construction, which lends them a discrete yet extremely appealing sheen, these leggings would be quite average-looking were it not for the lower DEN lace design knitted into them on the outside of the legs.
It is never an easy job for hosiery designers to combine two radically different DEN materials into a single ensemble while keeping it strong and making sure that the fit doesn’t suffer. Needless to say, in this instance, their efforts were crowned with extreme success.

These leggings are awesome and as soon as one gets them out of their package, it becomes obvious that she is holding something exquisite in her hands. The feel of the material is second to none. On the legs, the power and femininity of the design goes into full force. These leggings will be like a magnet for the eyes of just about everyone on the street, oozing a sense of opulence and stylishness.

The bottom line: on account of their €61.44 price, these leggings may not be for everyone. They do indeed represent hosiery royalty though and with that in mind, their seemingly extreme cost may be considered well-justified.