Philippe Matignon Premiere 15 pantyhose

Givenchy Body Gleamers Pantyhose     As far as low-cut pantyhose go, Philippe Matignon's Premiere 15 are classic. These pantyhose feature an anatomic panty design and a special sheer waist-band that actually manages to keep them up, thus making them true hipsters instead of just regular pantyhose which feel painfully short and thus irritatingly uncomfortable. These pantyhose are quite probably the best low waist nylons you'll find.
The legs of the tights are matte and made of 15 DEN material, which makes them an excellent choice for the warmer seasons. The toes are nude (sandal toes) and feature flat seams. The seams are flat all over, and the panty area features a cotton gusset. The 'mathematical data' on these pantyhose is: 85% nylon, 12% spandex and 3% cotton.

The waist band and the anatomically-designed rear part of the panty are the most prominent features of the Philippe Matignon Premiere nylons. The waist band features ribbed areas which expand when on the wearer's body and exert different amounts of pressure in different areas.
The overall construction of the tights is STW (Sheer to waist) and the quality of the material used for the legs is undeniably great. If you're looking for hipster pantyhose, you should definitely consider these tights. There price is extremely attractive as well.