Pamela Mann Oversized Spot Pantyhose

Pamela Mann Oversized Spot tight     Pamela Mann's Oversized Spot pantyhose are basically classic polka-dot pantyhose which ooze femininity and quality. If you prefer your pantyhose sheer to the waist, these nylons are not for you. They feature a control-top type of panty area, a solution which seems to be present in all such polka-dot pantyhose. There is nothing wrong with this panty option, but we have been looking for STW or T-Top style polka dot pantyhose for a while, because we wanted dotted tights suitable for wearing with a leotard.

The bottom line is this far we have been unable to find such pantyhose. The fabric of the Pamela Mann Oversized Spot pantyhose features a 91% nylon composition, rounded out with 9% lycra. There is no cotton because there is no gusset. The pantyhose feature a 20 DEN weight, which makes them sheers, but the dots on the legs are obviously more opaque and they feature a higher DEN weave too. The toes are reinforced.

As far as we know, the Pamela Mann Oversized Spot pantyhose are only available in black (not that they wouldn't look good in white too).
The bottom line: these pantyhose are classic in every respect. They don't stray from the proven recipe of the control top and reinforced toes, and they're only made in black. They do tend to feel a bit coarse on the legs, a feature which we personally liked. They're definitely a good buy, although we do not yet possess any data regarding their durability.
These Pamela Mann pantyhose are available in all the major online hosiery shops.