Oroblu Shakira pantyhose

    Oroblu's Shakira pantyhose are smokin' hot! These tights manage to tickle our hosiery taste-buds in an extremely pleasant manner, beyond the shadow of a doubt. As far as we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com are concerned, they score high from just about any point of view, but mind you that some of the details we love about them may not be to your liking, so here we go:
These pantyhose are basically about the weird, metallic-shiny, leopard-skin-like patterns which run the length of the legs. The fact that the color of legs of the pantyhose is light-tan, means that they match up perfectly with the golden gloss of the pattern. Once the pantyhose are in place on the wearer's legs, the pattern takes up an almost 3D-like appearance, which will dazzle all onlookers, adding length and curvature to the legs.

The material of the legs (and basically the entire pantyhose) features a 20 DEN weight, with a 78% nylon and 22% lycra makeup. Despite the relatively low nylon content, the material features nice gloss, another huge plus for us. The shiny material of the legs and the metallic gloss of the pattern make an unbeatable combination.
The panty is a T-band one, which again – we love. There's not a whole lot to say about the panty area except that it features a reasonably wide waist-band, flat seams and a cotton gusset, which is pretty much what one would expect from nylons in this price-range.
The high lycra content in the legs makes for excellent stretch, so the sizing on these tights is quite forgiving.
The Oroblu Shakira pantyhose feature reinforced toes – which, again, we like – but no shaped heels – which we kind of hoped for but were a bit disappointed by the lack of.

Now then, as spectacular as the patterns are on these pantyhose, they're also at the source of some awkwardness when it comes to getting them out of the package and putting them on, because they tend to stick to everything they come in contact with. That includes the inside of the plastic bag of the package as well as the carton on which the tights are folded. Pull them out of the package carefully to make sure you do not destroy them before ever putting them on.
Before you put them on, stick your hand down each of the legs to make sure the pattern hasn't stuck to itself here and there.
The verdict: these pantyhose may cost a lot, but as far as we're concerned, they're well worth the money.