Oroblu Active Legs Revolution 40 pantyhose

Oroblu Active Legs Revolution 40 pantyhose     Oroblu's Active Legs Revolution 40 pantyhose could best be described as support fashion pantyhose. They feature varying width vertical stripes, which add inches to the wearer's perceived leg length and offer a nice stylish touch in black. They're also available in tan, but black is the tone that truly brings out the best in these tights. The Active Legs are also support pantyhose though (hence the name). They're made of 40 DEN material which is made with 83% nylon and 17% lycra. The material in itself is quite heavy and it seems exceptionally strong around the ankle area. As one puts these pantyhose on, she'll feel the compression gradually easing up toward the panty area which barely features any sort compression at all.

The price of these pantyhose will generate certain expectations in costumers. The good news is: they will live up to all those expectations. The panty area is sheer to waist (meaning that the vertical stripe pattern runs all the way to the waistband). The seams used are flat and there's a cotton gusset. The heels are shaped.

What do you have to pay attention to when you put on these nylons? Well, they're seemingly strong enough to withstand any sort of abuse, and at 40 DEN, and with that much nylon in them, they'd better be, so that's not an issue. You need to make absolutely certain though that the stripes are indeed even and line up perfectly with your legs, otherwise you'll end up looking quite ridiculous.
The final verdict? These pantyhose make one wonder why the hosiery industry keeps sticking to making support pantyhose mostly in the simple control-top style. These beauties work their compression magic perfectly, and they manage to look hot and stylish on the legs at the same time. Choosing these over regular support panty hose is a no-brainer, unless one factors in the price, which is quite steep frankly…