Oroblu Brigitte

Oroblu Brigitte     Those familiar with the hosiery reviews on the pages of this site probably know that we have a soft spot for dot-based designs. There is indeed something so soft and deliciously feminine about dots that any tights/stocking designs based on dots of varying sizes are instant classics. Granted, there’s not a whole lot of room for maneuver within the dot-design genre for hosiery makers, except for the size of the dots and the texture/quality of the base nylon layer, but every time we see such tights, we feel an instant urge to buy them.
Oroblu’s Brigitte tights have gotten the dot-size issue down to perfection at least as far as we’re concerned.

The weight of the fiber used for these pantyhose is 30 DEN. Those who know us, know that we feel the perfect weight is around the 15 DEN-range, and these are obviously well outside that, but with Autumn knocking on the door, putting on some higher-than-usual DEN tights is not an exercise in attention-seeking at all. Higher DEN tights retain heat better, and they feel much more comfortable once the air becomes less friendly to one’s skin.
As far as fit and comfort are concerned, we were indeed fully satisfied with what the Oroblu Brigitte tights delivered. Look-wise though, it was another issue. The finish of the base material is all-matte, which kind of fits in with the higher DEN theme. The truth is though that we like shiny/glossy tights, and despite the fact that from every technical and even aesthetical aspect, the tights were spot-on, we just couldn’t get appropriately excited about them Don’t let that deter you though if you have your mind set on picking these up: they’re great tights, of superb quality and they’re just right for the upcoming fall season. They only cost around $14 too, so they’re indeed a great purchase with everything factored in.

Oroblu’s Brigitte do come with a gusset and sheer toes. There’s also a wide waist-band, under which there’s an even wider reinforced area, despite the sheer-to-waist design, which is dedicated to preventing the waistband from cutting into the body of the wearer.

The bottom line: while look-wise we weren’t particularly impressed with these pantyhose (despite the attractive dot-design) from the perspective of comfort and fit, they’re top-notch. Their price isn’t prohibitive either. Everything considered: these are great tights for the upcoming cooler season.