Omero Luxor 20 pantyhose

omero luxor nylons     Omero’s Luxor 20 are pantyhose which fit right into our preferences, for several reasons. To make a long story short: they’re high quality, shiny sheers. What is there not to like about these tights? Nothing really. They’re available in a 40 DEN variant too, which exerts slightly more compression, but which is just as shiny and sheer as the 20 DEN one.
The material of the Omero Luxor 20 pantyhose features double-layer lycra, which makes up 21% of the whole. 75% is nylon and 4% is cotton on the sizes which do actually feature cotton gussets – those would be sizes 1-4, XL sizes feature a comfort nylon panel to offer greater volume in the hip/bottom area.

The Omero Luxor 20 are the definition of quality sheer hosiery. They feature flat seams, shaped legs and a STW panty area. The toes are reinforced and they feature a nice ladder-guard – a slightly sturdier area right behind the toe reinforcement which is meant to prevent ladders that develop at the toes from running up the length of the leg.
The body-seams in the panty area are nice and flat and they have a slightly reinforced strip on both sides, which give the pantyhose a nice T-top appearance.
There’s also a similarly reinforced finger band right under the 4 cm-deep waist band of the tights.
Once on the legs, the fit of these pantyhose is excellent. The texture of the material is even and there’s a nice satiny gloss to it – just enough to make the wearer’s legs look fantastic.
The Omero Luxor 20 are very sturdy pantyhose and as far as durability is concerned, they’re right up there with the best of the bunch. They cost around £9, which means they’re a good deal price-wise as well.

The verdict: we would definitely recommend these pantyhose as they bring an outstanding price-to-quality ratio.