No Nonsense Ultra Sheer pantyhose

No Nonsense Ultra Sheer pantyhose    Pantyhose wearing is not only about putting on the most expensive Italian brands and feeling comfy in them. It's also about cost. And I suppose it is also about trying out some of the not so hyped brands and lowering the quality standards every now and then a little.

One's heart bleeds when that nasty ladder running up the length of her leg has just rendered her almost brand new high quality expensive pantyhose useless. The thing I personally love the most about cheaper brands like No Nonsense is the freedom they give: no longer is a ladder a personal tragedy that exacts a heavy sentimental tool. It is but an unfortunate accident that can be made forgotten with a minimum amount of effort and investment.

No Nonsense's USA-made Ultra Sheer Pantyhose is the definition of a cheap generic brand. These pantyhose come in packages which contain no fewer than 3 pairs. All this at $4.47. That's right, you read that right, I had to look twice myself. For that money, you obviously won't get Wolford's quality but the tights do not look bad at all, and they offer a bonus to those who love their hosiery the old fashioned way: their legs are made with 100% nylon. The panty part is quite nylon-rich as well: 91% nylon and 9% spandex. Available in sizes B, C, D, these pantyhose will not spoil you, but you won't shed a tear when they run a seam either, and they look good on the legs.