Mondex 15 DEN Pantyhose

Mondex 15 DEN  tight     The interesting thing about these tights (which by the way, you will not find anywhere in the US) is that the producer didn't actually bother to give it a name. We got these pantyhose straight from Romania, where they're made and where Mondex is supposedly a pretty popular brand, and no matter how hard we looked, we couldn't find a name that would differentiate it from all the other 15 DEN products of the same maker. Anyway, these pantyhose rocked. Every now and then we receive questions and requests about pantyhose which feature all-nylon gussets instead of the usual cotton ones and these pantyhose are like that. They are control tops, and the gusset is made of the same material as the boxer-like panty part. The makeup of the material is 85% nylon and 15% lycra, which makes them pretty shiny, but their sheen is a discrete, stylish one rather than an eyesore.

The fit of a size IV (which is L) is great. Up to size IV, the Mondex 15 DEN pantyhose feature nylon gussets. Sizes V and VI – according to the chart on the package – come with a comfort panel. The toes are reinforced and there's an abstract pattern running down the outside of the leg.
What we found amazing about these tights was the sheerness of their material. These pantyhose are as sheer as it gets but unfortunately they're said to be rather frail on that account.
The color of the one we got is grey, which may not be to the liking of everyone, but we found ourselves bedazzled by the unusually fine and sheer/shiny look they created on the legs.
We cannot tell you anything about the cost of these pantyhose, other than the fact that they're relatively cheap.
The bottom line: a kind of a special hosiery treat, these tights are surprisingly well-made and good-looking. Quality-wise, they're not in the same league with the top brands, but they are OK on the whole.