Linea Oro Bella 20 Pantyhose

Linea Oro Bella 20 Pantyhose     As I have told you in a previous pantyhose review, we have run out of funds lately, so we are going to have to turn our attention to some of the cheaper brands for the coming months. Fortunately, we do have a few contacts in Europe who have thus far never let us down when we requested hosiery from them. The 20 Linea Oro Bella pantyhose which are the subject of this current review, we have received quite a while back, but only now have we managed to finally dig them out from the bottom of the pile. These pantyhose represent pretty much everything that we here love so much. First of all, they only cost a little over three dollars, which is something that we still find rather difficult to believe. Obviously, if someone in the US were to order these pantyhose from a European online hosiery shop, they would probably end up costing a lot more, but we do indeed find it funny that people in Europe can purchase a perfectly decent pair of tights for nothing more than small change (that is of course if the price given by our contact is indeed the correct one).

It is quite natural for someone to be apprehensive of a hosiery product which costs small change, but as soon as we got these tights out of the package, it became obvious that there was nothing wrong with that whatsoever. They were in fact the perfect 20 DEN shiny pantyhose, with a nice intrinsic glitter to them to top it off. The 81% nylon 19 % lycra material is quite standard in fact for such hosiery. The material is silky and pleasantly slippery out of the package, and it spreads out nicely and evenly on the legs, as if melting into the skin of the wearer. In all honesty, these pantyhose do not come with a gusset, but in this price range that is pretty much expected. That issue may cause fit problems for some wearers though.

It comes in a wide range of sizes, (European 2,3,4 and 5 – 5 being extra large) and the sizing does indeed seem spot on. The Linea Oro Bella 20 Pantyhose are available in black and in a surprisingly wide range of skin color tones (Fumo - which is grey, Lyon, Cognac, Sahara, Vison and Beige).

The bottom line: the cost/quality ratio of these pantyhose is surprisingly excellent. We definitely recommend them as a great budget solution.