Levee WoMan Perfect Skin pantyhose

Levee WoMan Perfect Skin Pantyhose     Their name tells the entire story of these pantyhose from Levee: they’re among the world’s first unisex pantyhose, that is, they’re meant to be worn by women as well as by men. I remember years ago while surfing around, looking for information on various pantyhose brands, I bumped into these tights online, and I figured they were fake back then, as the concept of male pantyhose hadn’t exactly sunk in with the public yet. In fact, they weren’t fake at all, rather, they were ahead of their time, truly revolutionary and ground-breaking. These days, they’re just one among the many pantyhose brands dedicated for the male public.

The first impression on the Levee WoMan Perfect Skin pantyhose isn’t exactly a positive one. The packaging looks decent, but it lacks the stylish touch we so love on other pantyhose. The tights themselves look a bit off as far as color is concerned, creating a cheap, supermarket-pantyhose impression. In reality though, these tights are high quality, which look a lot better on the wearer’s legs than they do fresh out of the package. The fact that they feature a fully shaped heel is another indication of their outstanding quality.

The WoMan pantyhose are transparent STW (Sheer to Waist) and they feature a cotton-padded gusset. The seams are flat and the waist-band is wide-enough not to uncomfortably dig into the wearer’s waist.
The Woman Perfect Skin tights feature a 15 DEN structure, although due to the hard and rough-ish nature of the yarn, that feels more like 20 DEN.
The makeup of the material is 15% lycra and 85% nylon.

The toes are sandal toes and the sizing on the pantyhose is spot-on. They’re made in Germany so the sizing is European. Size V should fit most men, and these nylons are available in size VI as well, which should cover extreme cases handily.
The Woman Perfect Skin pantyhose cost around 7 GBPs in Britain, which means that they’re probably slightly more expensive in the US.