Leg Avenue Sheer Faux Garter pantyhose

Leg Avenue Sheer Faux Garter Pantyhose     These mock garter pantyhose from Leg Avenue present the would-be customer with quite a predicament: given their sheer, tan leg-design, worn with a skirt, no matter how short, they look exactly like a regular pair of sheer tan pantyhose, there’s absolutely nothing special about them. Now then, if that’s the look/feel you’re going for, wearing these tights doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because there are such sheer/tan/slightly shiny/matte pantyhose out there in much better quality. We mean no offense to Leg Avenue. We all appreciate the bodystockings they make and the reasonable nature of their prices. Let there be no doubt about it: when it comes to sheer/patterned catsuits and bodystockings, Leg Avenue are the #1 out there. We also know however that on the level of the material used, there is no comparison between bodystockings and pantyhose.

The material of the Leg Avenue Sheer Faux garter pantyhose is by no means top-notch. It appears to feature a weight of about 15-20 DEN, and it’s not particularly shiny, but it’s not entirely matte either. It is much finer than bodystockings, but frankly it has nothing on some of the top pantyhose brands out there.
What we really liked about these pantyhose was the faux-garter design, which the would-be wearer has to find a way to show off. The design isn’t particularly smooth, nor does it feature tons of fine details, but it somehow hits the nail right on its head. There is a panty part, an intricately designed belt, awesome-looking mock suspenders and a simple yet extremely appealing thigh-band. If one decides to wear these pantyhose with a leotard, enough of the faux-garter design may show to really spice up the look.
The panty area is rather transparent, although it does seem to feature a higher DEN structure than the rest of the pantyhose. If you decide to show off the beautiful design of these pantyhose, it is therefore recommended that you wear panties under them.

One will be able to pick these pantyhose up for $6-8 at various online hosiery outlets.

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