Leg Avenue Faux Garter Corset Teddy bodystocking

Leg Avenue Faux Garter Bodystocking     The full name of these bodystockings (according to the package) is Leg Avenue Faux Garter Corset Teddy Bodystocking, which is indeed a rather accurate description of the product. Even though the graphics on the package are great, and credit is definitely due to the model who makes them look positively awesome, the sad truth is that we're not dealing with a high quality product here, at least not in a pantyhose kind of way.

Hosiery connoisseurs will be appalled to learn that these bodystockings come in one size only and that they're 100% nylon. What that means is that if you do not have an utterly average body-type, this bodystocking will probably not fit you. If it's too short then due to the fact that it has very little stretch, it will be physically impossible to put on. If it's too long though, on account of the lack of stretch it will sag woefully. If you're of an average body-type though, you may end up liking this Leg Avenue creation. The bodystocking features a faux garter design (which quite frankly is a little bit rough around the edges) a party part (which again, is visually less appealing than it could be) and a teddy design. The shoulder straps are spaghetti-type straps, and they go around the neck, so if the bodystocking is too short they will cut into your neck in a rather unpleasant manner.

The sheerness of the legs (and the body) is decent. There is way too little sheen though. The patterned areas all feature higher DEN material. The panty is made of higher DEN material too, but it's still see-through, and it has an opening between the legs (where the gusset should be), so wearing underwear with the bodystocking is pretty much a must. Be careful what sort of underwear you choose though: if you do not want to end up looking ridiculous, go for a skimpy black thong, which goes well with the color-scheme of the outfit.
Can you wear these bodystockings instead of pantyhose? Yeah, you probably can but why anyone would want to do that is beyond us.
The price of this bodystocking is surprisingly reasonable. Of course, if we were talking about pantyhose, that same price would be rather steep, but one has to keep in mind that it is a bodystocking we're dealing with and for that about $25 isn't that expensive.

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