Leg Avenue Tiger Tattoo pantyhose

Leg Avenue Tiger Tattoo tights     We have seen these pantyhose on various models on several pantyhose websites all over the internet, and they always looked positively impressive in the photos. It was therefore with understandable excitement that we opened our first ever pair of Leg Avenue Tiger tattoo pantyhose bought over eBay a while ago.
The packaging of the pantyhose is standard Leg Avenue issue, or to make a long story short: it’s not really impressive. Once we got to the goods, we couldn’t help noticing how small the tights appeared. Given that we knew they were made of 100% nylon fiber, without any lycra added at all – again in good old standard Leg Avenue fashion – we began to doubt that they would fit our model.
The bottom line as far as sizing is concerned: these nylons come in one size fits all.

The interesting thing about them was how they stretched in spite of their 100% nylon composition. The stretch was apparently due to a special weaving technique, which was supposedly quite popular back in the days when hosiery was 100% nylon without exceptions. In this respect, it’s safe to say these pantyhose are vintage throwback ones that you’re guaranteed to like if you’re into vintage hosiery.
Once on the leg, it becomes obvious that the legs feature a 10-15 DEN weight. The texture of the tights was surprisingly smooth and even once stretched out. The two tiger tattoo patterns which run up the side of both legs feature sparkly crystal eyes and they’re a positively awesome touch indeed.
Other than the above though, I’m afraid there’s not much good to be said about these pantyhose. The toes are sandal toes but the panty area features a boxer-short type design, and there’s no gusset, let alone a cotton-lined one.
The one-size-fits all thing seems to be geared towards the petite build, so larger women shouldn’t really think about picking up these nylons unless they’re aiming to set themselves up for a disappointment.

The verdict: these are definitely not high-end tights. They’re more like costume accessories, but provided the fit is right, they can look pretty good on the legs. Their price is a proper reflection of their quality.

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