Leg Avenue 15 DEN Backseam Pantyhose with Tassel Bow

Leg Avenue 15 DEN Backseam Pantyhose with Tassel Bow     When I first laid eyes on these tights from Leg Avenue – and I must admit, I have a soft corner in my heart for this company and their visually outstanding products – I was immediately won over. “I need a pair of these” was my first reaction and I followed through with my gut instinct when I picked up a pair the other day.
Now then, some of my self-induced initial hype was blown away when I actually got my hands on the hosiery, and in light of that, I was naturally a tad disappointed.

Let’s see first what these pantyhose got right as far as I’m concerned: the 15 DEN material should’ve been ideal: as you probably know, I consider 15 DEN to be the magical number fiber weight-wise, and these tights do feature 15 DEN fiber. The sheerness was good and the 88% nylon content sounded nice on paper as well. The actual look and design is pretty much a ‘can’t miss’ one. The back seam is a classic winner and the tassel bow is such a superbly feminine touch, that it is essentially single-handedly responsible for the special appeal of these nylons.

Despite the fact that they had all the technical details going for them, Leg Avenue’s Backseam tights with Tassel Bow let me down, first of all, because of the actual quality of the material, which – like most Leg Avenue products – is a just little rough around the edges.
Now, that in itself wouldn’t have been a particularly big issue, because – while it did affect the feel – it did not ruin the look, but the one size fits all problem capped it all off.
In this day and age and with all the various hosiery makers pumping out carefully sized tights, the ‘one size fits all’ approach simply does not cut it.
Obviously, for someone lucky enough to be of a size which fits these tights, this is not an issue, but for me personally it was a major problem and turn-off because they just didn’t fit properly.
The bottom line: these tights are not bad for someone who manages to get the fit right. At ~$24 though, one would expect to be able to pick from a selection of different sizes… For me it was a disappointment. Still loving the actual design and the way it looks on the legs of the model in the attached picture though.