Le Bourget Teint Magique Pantyhose

Le Bourget Teint Magique Pantyhose     Le Bourget is one of the premium hosiery brands and never it never fails to get out revolutionary products that impress through the innovations they incorporate as well as through quality. The Le Bourget Teint Magique Pantyhose are exactly such pantyhose. We may be late to call this, but these are the first ever 50% nylon/50% polyurethane pantyhose that we’ve seen. The nylon (polyamide) is obviously of the same type used in pretty much every hosiery item out there, and we suspect the polyurethane – which has industrial uses in its flexible foam shape – is the component responsible for flexibility and stretch.
With all that, we weren’t particularly impressed by these tights, but that is not to say they are not excellent at what they’ve set out to achieve.

The producer calls these "makeup for the legs" and that is indeed what they are. When stretched out on the leg, the fabric creates a satiny-look despite the fact that it is completely transparent, which evens and smoothes out the skin. It’s certainly great for that bare legged look, so if that’s what you’re trying to achieve, the Le Bourget Teint Magique Pantyhose represent a great choice.
At 15 DEN, these are definitely sheers. They feature a sandal toe and a STW panty-structure, and they come complete with the regular cotton gusset and the flat seams one would naturally expect from such a brand.
The color range in which these are available also highlights the producer’s intent to make them as skin-like as possible. They are available in Dore, Ambre and Hale (these are basically various nuances of tan and toast).

The bottom line: at €15.93, these pantyhose aren’t cheap at all, especially considering that they’re little more than everyday barely-there 15 DEN sheers. Again, if one is going for the bare-legged look though, then they’re certainly worth the money, because they’re great at that.