Le Bourget Edith Fashion Pantyhose

Le Bourget Edith Fashion Pantyhose     We here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com love mock-garter pantyhose, simply because they offer the superb and time-tested sensuality of stockings, without any of the drawbacks. This is one of the reasons why we find ourselves reviewing the Le Bourget Edith fashion tights. These pantyhose are meant to impress obviously, and they would definitely have attained that goal, had it not been for a few rather significant failures.
Fresh out of the package, these 15 DEN pantyhose are quite impressive. They’re smooth and silky to the touch and the mock-garter pattern already creates a great contrast with the nude/cosmetic base layer. This contrast doesn’t get any worse once the material is stretched out on the legs of the wearer.

The 90%/10% lycra material is smooth to the touch and it offers just the right amount of compression, so there can be absolutely no complaints on that level. There’s a cotton gusset as well as flat seams – the marks of quality hosiery. The actual detail on the mock-garter part is superb and the back-seam, which comes with a point-heel design, is another excellent touch.

Now then, what was it that we didn’t like about these pantyhose? We hated the fact that the mock lace hold-up was way too low on the leg. It only came just above the knee on our model, and that just won’t cut it: it simply ruins the look. Let’s make this clear: the slip-up didn’t happen because we picked up the wrong size: size-wise, there was nothing wrong with the tights, the mock hold-up as was to low on the leg regardless though. One way to maneuver around the problem is obviously to pick up a slightly bigger size, that should move the lace hold-ups where they should be.

Price-wise, these pantyhose are quite confusing: at some online shops, one can pick them up much cheaper than elsewhere. The price-difference is just too big, so there’s something certainly not quite right about this…
Bottom line: Everything considered, the Le Bourget Edith Fashion pantyhose are well worth the money: they deliver outstanding quality and a superb look despite the minor shortcomings we brought up above.