Kunert Leg Control 40 pantyhose

Kunert Leg Control Pantyhose     If you're looking for the best in support hosiery, look no further. Kunert's 40 DEN Leg Control pantyhose may just be best out there in this respect. These tights are made of a heavy material which exerts relatively mild pressure on the wearer's legs, hence its "support" nature. The support is light (5-7 mmHg), which means that these pantyhose will not "wear you out" but rather they will reinvigorate your legs in a hardly noticeable manner. Due to the 40 DEN composition of the material, the pantyhose are semi-transparent. That makes them wonderfully suited for hiding any skin defects/blemishes. They are quite glossy too, which means that they don't just cover up, they actively beautify as well.

In order to keep the waistband from cutting into the wearer's waist, it has been made 1.18" deep. That and the sheer to waist panty area make the fit wonderfully comfortable. The panty features flat seams and a cotton, V-shaped gusset. The heels are fitted and the toes are only partially reinforced, resulting in a "shadow"-style design.
Thanks to their exquisite appearance and high gloss, these pantyhose can be worn with just about anything. From skirts to dresses and even leotards, they'll look good and they will pleasantly massage the wearer's legs, keeping them fatigue-free all day long.
At first glance, the legs of the Kunert Leg Control pantyhose appear to fall woefully short of the mark in the sense that they're not long enough. Once you put them on though, you'll realize that the generous stretch makes for a great fit, even if you happen to have longer legs. The material is 80% nylon and 20% lycra, which explains the plentiful stretch. The generous stretch also makes certain that you do not experience bagginess and sagging, in case you put on a slightly bigger size.

One of the best and most popular Kunert pantyhose, the Leg Control tights do not come cheap. You'll need to cough up around $20 for them, but the cost in this case is once again fully justified.

If you want "makeup" on your legs, something that covers imperfections and accentuates curves in the same time, you simply cannot go wrong with the Kunert Leg Control pantyhose.