Knittex Isabelle pantyhose

Knittex Isabelle tights     Made in Poland, the Knittex Isaballe pantyhose represent the pinnacle of basic “everyday” hosiery. These are definitely not what one could call “high end” pantyhose, but they’re quite awesome nonetheless. They’re listed as semi-matte nylons, and in light of that fact, they’re remarkably shiny. That could be explained by the fact that Eastern European women in general and Polish women in particular tend to wear rather shiny styles.

The Knittex Isabelle pantyhose are ultra sheer and they feature a classic control top (not the panty or the T-top design, but rather the boxer-style brief). The weight of the fiber is 20 DEN. Like most pantyhose originating from that part of the world, the gusset design varies according to size as follows: size 2 (the smallest European size – check out our pantyhose sizes page for reference), features no gusset at all. Sizes 3 and 4 have an unlined nylon gusset. Size 5 features a comfort back panel.

The composition of the fiber is 88% nylon and 12% lycra. The legs are unshaped, and the toes are reinforced. They even feature a run-stop, which is supposed to stop all ladders developing at the toes from going further up the leg.
There’s not a whole lot more to be said about these pantyhose. They’re durable and although they’re not STW, neither do they feature flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset, they still do a good job at what they’re supposed to. Everyday hosiery shouldn’t be pricey and these tights definitely fit that category, from the point of view of pricing too.

The bottom line: nice sturdy pantyhose, that offer a decent quality/price ratio. Suitable for everyday use. A pity they don’t come in a STW variant as well.