JOOP Perfect Skin pantyhose

JOOP Pantyhose     The name of these pantyhose is about as spot-on as it gets. They are indeed as close to “perfect skin” as tights can possibly get. They’re stylish, they’re cool (figuratively as well as quite literally) and they generally give pantyhose a good name. As soon as one gets her hands on the package, it becomes obvious that it’s quality hosiery she’s dealing with. The stylish grayscale design of the package is a nice prelude to what’s hiding inside.
These pantyhose are like light makeup for your legs. They feature a 12 DEN weight and once they slip into place, they virtually disappear. Of course, you will feel that you have them on, but for an outside observer, not even the invisibly re-enforced toe area will give away that you’re using pantyhose to beautify your legs. These tights are advertised as STW (Sheer to waist) as any summer-pantyhose would have to be, but they’re more like sheer to hip. There’s a modest panty-design, and a soft and relatively wide waistband which provides for extra comfort.
The seams are not flat unfortunately, but they’re elastic, so they won’t cause any kind of comfort-problems. The cotton gusset is a standard feature on tights of this outstanding quality.

The JOOP Perfect Skin pantyhose are made with 90% nylon, 5% lycra and 5% cotton (that goes into the crotch panel).
The sizing of these pantyhose is extremely generous. One can go down a size without any kind of problems, but buying the size you know is right for you won’t be problematic either: these babies do not sag, and furthermore, generously sized pantyhose tend to last longer.

Thanks to the panty design, one can wear these pantyhose without underwear, which – given the fact that they’re considered summer tights – is quite essential.
The panty area features a JOOP logo, which is what we here at call a ‘nice touch’.

The verdict: at around €10, these pantyhose are not cheap. Nonetheless, if you pick them up, you probably won’t be disappointed in them.