JOOP Strass Cornflower Pantyhose

JOOP Pantyhose     Before we go anywhere with this review, we need to open a lengthy parenthesis about the name of these pantyhose: JOOP is the brand-name, as you probably know too well. Strass means Crystal in German, and the reason why crystals are included in the name of these nylons is that they feature a cornflower design at the back of the ankles made of crystals. The cornflower – as you can see on the attached picture – is the brand logo of JOOP, so this is how it all comes together.

If you happen to be looking for something elegant and in the same time pricey from JOOP, hosiery-wise, the JOOP Strass Cornflower pantyhose may be the answer. The reason we’re saying “may be” is that, quite frankly, we were a tad disappointed with these tights. First of all, the crystal cornflower logos that these pantyhose boast on the ankles are what you’re really paying for when you pick them up. Other than that, the pantyhose aren’t all that special.

The pantyhose are true STW (Sheer to Waist) ones, featuring a wide waist-band which is emblazoned with the JOOP logo.
As you open the package – which seems a little more old-fashioned than the JOOP pantyhose packages we have reviewed in the past – and get your hands on the merchandize, it becomes clear that:
1- JOOP have taken extra care with the crystals by sticking a polythene sheet on them to prevent them from ruining the fabric of the pantyhose and
2 – the tights feel nice, smooth and quite impressive to the touch.

The tights themselves aren’t particularly impressive though. Sure, they do feature flat seams, barely visible re-enforcement at the toes and a cotton crotch panel, but at this price, none of those features are overly impressive.
The material is made with 87% nylon, 11% lycra and 2% cotton and it features a 20 DEN weight. The fit is nice, but this is where things suddenly turn south for these pantyhose: we like our evening pantyhose at least a tad shiny, and these are completely matte.

The sparkling of the crystals does contrast nicely though with the matte material. The pair that we tested, featured a few manufacturing hick-ups, that pretty much ruined the experience for us. Being on constant watch for that area that is likely to develop a run is not something someone who has just paid out around $50 for a pair of pantyhose should be doing.
Bottom line: nice crystals, but there’s not much more to these pantyhose.