JOOP Bodyshaper pantyhose

JOOP Pantyhose     The full name of JOOP’s body-shaping tights is JOOP Transparent Matt Bodyshaper pantyhose. The reason is a simple one: these pantyhose feature a body-shaping control top, and they’re obviously matte.
The control panty is the main feature of these tights. It creates gentle compression, holding the tummy in and rounding the buttocks. The JOOP Bodyshaper pantyhose feature flat seams, a cotton gusset and a soft, wide waist-band designed not to dig into the wearer’s waist.
As soon as it is removed from the package (the package is the usual grayscale JOOP creation) it becomes obvious that one is dealing with high-end control-top pantyhose here.

The composition of the material is 84% nylon and 12% lycra. The cotton gusset accounts for a 4% cotton content. The weight is 20 DEN. The panty area is made with slightly higher DEN material.
Once the would-be wearer puts on these nylons, and once everything falls into place, it becomes clear why these pantyhose cost as much as they do: they look positively awesome on the leg: the material creates an even finish and it looks stylishly matte on the leg. We loved the finger band that separates the control panty from the legs: this band is about 1.5 inches wide, and it features a nice floral design, which makes it look like a stocking top for the leg-part or a lace trim for the panty.

The bottom line: the JOOP Bodyshaper pantyhose are excellent in just about every respect: they accomplish everything they’re supposed to and they do it with style. The only drawback might be the fact that the panty area is a little long, therefore, when worn with a shorter skirt, the above described finger band may become visible – which, while not necessarily unsightly, is definitely an unwanted effect.